New Roadmap for Zangll
During this year our team actively developed a working version of Zangll platform and our strategy for the next couple of years. Our founders created new roadmap:

1 February 2020 - Beta testing of Zangll web and mobile versions, and iOS and Android apps.
February 2020 - Technical and functional audit of the platform by reliable experts.
1 March 2020 - ZANGLL token issue on FCH Network.
15 March 2020 - Platform launch (web, mobile) on Ethereum test net, platform testing, and bug hunting.
March 2020 - Registration of Liechtenstein company for found raising.
May/October 2020 - Found raising round.
1 May 2020 - Platform launch on Ethereum main net.
1 November 2020 - Zangll Token listing on Top5 exchange.
March 2021 - Launch an updated version of Zangll platform with wider functionality: services for Guests (tours, experiences), services for Hosts (cleaning, guests meeting)
We have ambitious plans for the next couple of years.

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