P2P-platform for residential real estate rental

The first decentralized
P2P-platform for vacation rentals

Start ICO: Autumn 2018
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Approved EU
The company is registered and located in Estonia
Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) is the technical background of the Zangll project

Creating the future
of vacation rentals


Zangll is a decentralized service for short-term rental of real estate, connecting lessees and lessors directly without any intermediaries.

The project architecture utilizes blockchain technologies and smart-contracts, which guarantee transparency and security of transactions.

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Tapping a

$286 billion e-travel market

Zangll project:
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Entering doubling segment of 286-billion E-travel business
Launching API. Developed and integrated additional functional modules - cars, yachts, aircrafts
Number of global users reaches 180 000.
Stable growth in p2p-transactions. 2nd stage of marketing campaign and additional services allow us to get a turnover of 2.5 billion usd.
A forecast for 2018 year:
The number of P2P rental transactions will grow by 20%

According to the Airbnb report, the number of P2P transactions for short-term rentals will grow to 218.4 m units

Changing the market

 Decentralized Zangll platform

Connects lessors and lessees directly ensuring the transparency and integrity of transactions via smart contracts.

No intermediaries
Only a transaction
fee of 0.45%
Instant transactions
Average transaction
time is 5 seconds.
Secure transaction
The payment is made
via escrow and smart contract.
Full refund if deal fails.
Maximum automation
Minimum recruitment, automation, smart contracts, escrow service, outsourcing through smart contracts.
Another popular centralized platform

A chain of intermediaries with non-transparent work. Big commission fees for both lessor and lessee.

Service fee
Mandatory commissions from 3 to 12% for owners and customers.
Long transactions
Average transaction
time is 3 banking days.
Transaction without guarantee
Payment to the account without a guaranteed refund. If deal fails, commission fee is not refunded.
Colossal service costs
Expenses on company staff, accounts, offices in countries of operation.
More information in WhitePaper → or ask a question to the team

Token ZNGL

  • Crowdsale 70%
  • Reserve funds 10%
  • Team and founders 16%
  • Bounty and referral program 4%
Token allocation
Raised funds distribution
  • 70% Marketing
  • 20% Reserve funds
  • 8% Platform development
  • 2% Legal consulting, financial audit

Zangll project

development plan

Market research
Download documentation
May 2017
Concept development
August 2017
Legal framework
September 2017
Whitepaper development
November 2017
Start of MVP Development
December 2017
Alpha testing of the platform
February 2018
Upgrading the basic nodes after Alpha testing
April 2018
Closed Beta testing
July 2018
Open test
August 2018
Token Generation Event
Autumn 2018
Start of the advertising and marketing campaign in the key markets
Winter 2018-19
4 more
To the future

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project Whitepaper

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All team members are professionals in their fields. The company is staffed with all necessary specialists, but we are always open to new talents.

Maksim Mishchenko
Bart Johan Slagt
Andrey Andreev
Jean Serge Sagbo
Kristiine Urb
Andrew Gilliland
Margus Napp
Elena Levova
Tõnis Veltmann
Elina Kreipane
Director for Investment Relations


Fabrice Croiseaux
CEO and member of Executive Committee chez InTech Luxembourg InTech S.A.
Gopal Bharvad
Cryptocurrency and ICO Consultant | Blockchain Enthusiast | Green Infra-Engineer CBRE
Olga Tarkhanovskaya
Marketing & Public Relations Director
Alazonta Russian Presidential Academy of National Economy and Public Administration
Ko Sugimori
Asian Market PR & Digital Marketing Consultant



What’s Zangll and how does it work?
Zangll is the first decentralized P2P-platform in the market of short-term vacation rentals that will only charge the transaction fee of 0,45%. No other extra costs are implemented. In addition, Zangll will also offer a variety of other benefits: instant payments all over the world, use of smartcontracts, free property listing, honest ratings (inability to change or fabricate ratings), transparent system and the possibility of E-locks. All this will make Zangll the future No. 1 brand in the short-term rentals market.
You can more details on this link to the Whitepaper
Why is the platform developed on Blockchain technology?
Blockchain technology and smartcontracts offered by the a Ethereum platform provide safe quick and reliable transactions while eliminating the need for third party oversight. This is what allows us to eliminate the 15-20% commission charges you would see from companies like Airbnb. Blockchain offers decentralised data storage that keep our services transparent and fair to the users of this system making it impossible to forge a rating.
How are you any different from Airbnb and other companies in this market?
Zangll provides a similar service to Airbnb, just better. Zangll’s use of blockchain technology allows us to do what Arbnb does but cheaper. Cheaper for the owner of the property and the tenant renting the property. Commission fees charged by Airbnb and other companies in this industry charge about 15-20%. Zangll will only charge a small transaction fee of 0,45%. No other extra costs are implemented. In addition, Zangll also offers a variety of other benefits: instant payments all over the world, use of smartcontracts, free property listing, honest ratings (inability to change or fabricate ratings), transparent system and the possibility of E-locks.
What is the purpose of having you own token?
Developing our own coin and performing an ICO allows us to fund the initial stage of development of our platform without the interference of outside investors or third party intermediaries.
How much do you expect to raise from the ICO and how will the money be spent?
Our goal is $30 Million. 8% of the funds will go to platform development, 2% will go to legal consulting and financial audit, 20% will go to a reserve fund, and the remaining 70% will be spent on marketing.
How are you going to solve disputes between owners and tenant?

The system will implement a 4-level dispute resolution scheme:

  • First level - dialogue between the parties in dispute, which may or may not be publicly available by decision of one of the parties
  • Second level - resolving a disputable situation using systems of "Artificial Intelligence"
  • Third level - the resolution of the disputable situation by "Independent Arbitrators"
  • Fourth level - the resolution of the disputable situation by the Zangll team
Where is your company registered? Where do you have offices?
Our company is registered and located in Tallin, Estonia. We also have offices in Riga, Latvia and Moscow,Russia.
Who do you have on your team? Where are these people from?
We have team members from all over the world including Russia, Estonia, Latvia, Netherlands, and the United States. You can check out our team on our site.
What platform is going to be used for ICO?
We have created the ZNGL token on the Ethereum platform (ERC-20).
Why do we assume the growth of the ZNGL token?
After the launch of the platform, the demand for the token will be based on two aims:
a) The demand from investors according to the token exchange rate and,
b) The demand of ZANGLL platform clients with the purpose of paying for rentals with tokens.
Due to the number of ZNGL tokens being limited (200 million pcs.) the more the demand - the more the price.
Despite this, some tokens will be reserved by clients on Escrow accounts. This will, undoubtedly, lower the number of tokens in use, and this will also rise the exchange rate of ZNGL token.

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